Random Ramblings

Reflections on my walk with God


I am cloth

Words that were “given” to me one night several years ago.
I was struggling with my young daughter while my husband was working way from home. It felt like I couldn’t hold everything together … My life was unravelling..

I am cloth.

The weft and the warp are the threads of my life.
Each thread has its place – its direction.
The threads cannot stand alone.
Alone they have no meaning.
It is only when they are brought together that the pattern emerges.
I am woven by The Master Craftsman,
The Weaver who never takes his eye off the pattern,
The Lord who knows what will be seen when the cloth is complete.
I am the cloth – I cannot see what I will look like.
The mirror gives a pale and distorted view.
Only when I look through His eyes can I see the whole.
His deft direction never stops – He makes no mistakes.
His creation is flawless.
But I am flawed.
I thought that I could weave my own life.
I thought that I could choose the direction of the weft and the warp.
I have chosen threads which do not fit the pattern.
I have run the threads in the wrong direction.
Now the cloth is twisted and the pattern is obscured.
I cannot straighten the cloth,
I cannot restore the pattern.
But The Lord is the Master craftsman who is above all others.
He can take this cloth and mend it.
The pattern will be restored – perfect as it should be,
Beautiful to behold, and a reflection of its Creator.