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Letting go

It is almost 16 years since my lovely Mum died of breast cancer. I am grieving again – the pain of loss has hit me hard and I am surprised after all this time that’s it is still there grinding away. I have given it to God so many times …and then taken it back. We are clearing Mum and Dad’s house – he is still with us but moved into a residential home. Going through all of their possessions has taken me back in time. The pain is immense, the loss immeasurable. I weep while I write and need to let go one more time.
For good.

I need to let go

Let go of the past

Let go of the pain of loss

Let go of the stuff that clutters my life

Let go of the things that bind me to the past

Let go of the self-image that is not real

Let go of the what-ifs and if-onlys

Let go of the things that hinder my growth in God

Let go of self so that I can embrace Christ

Just let go … And let God