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It seems like every time I switch on the news or read a paper there is a another story about horrific abuse perpetrated on children or other vulnerable individuals. In the latest a mother and her partner murdered her 2 year-old son.

Children are seen as accessories and people feel they have a “right” to have one of their own – biology can be twisted to purpose.

If you are a single woman or a lesbian couple, find a sperm donor.
If you are a single man, find a surrogate.
If you are a gay couple, find a surrogate.
If you are post-menopausal, take hormones and use a donated egg.

Biology does not have to limit your choices you can choice the donors of eggs and sperm to give you the best option of a “prize” child. If you don’t like the result – sue the suppliers! In that article Julie Bindel comments as follows:

With the designer “gayby” boom looking set to expand even further, there are some important questions to ask about the ethics of commercialised reproduction. In London alone there are a number of clinics offering sperm for sale; brokers that arrange wombs-to-rent, often in countries where women are desperately poor and sometimes coerced into being surrogates; and egg donation that can cause significant pain and health risks to the donors. There is also the “mix and match” temptation that comes with choosing eggs and sperm from a catalogue. There is even an introduction agency for those who wish to meet the sperm while it is encased in a body.

Where does this leave the child? What will the parents tell that child about his or her biological inheritance?

We all have a need to have roots. To see where we came from. To relate our current experience of life with that of our forebears. But what if your biological mother or father or both are unknown?

Further choice is around the corner – genetic modification of embryos will be possible in the near future: GM embryos ‘essential’, says report here and here.

It will start with disease genes …but where will it end?
Designer babies – made to order and delivered to your door? Perhaps the last bit is somewhat fanciful, but maybe it is not totally ridiculous to imagine a world where babies can be grown in vitro or in animal surrogates.

At the other extreme we read and hear daily of babies and children subjected to to most horrific atrocities. Babies that were born “by accident”, babies born to women who could not look after them … or just babies born into situations where they were seen as possessions to be treated as one treats anything else, loved or abused.

The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East posted the following: “Last year, Islamic State issued a fatwa calling for children with Down syndrome and other congenital disabilities to be killed. Following the decree, 38 children between one week and three months old were murdered by lethal injection or suffocation”. (Caring for disabled children in Kirkuk)

I see these extremes as parts of the same problem, when children are no longer seen as gifts from God, are not the expression of love between a man and a woman, then they become possessions to be bought, sold and disposed of as people wish.


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