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What is Christmas about?

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I did our  Sunday “discussion” with the YP today (we decided the School should be dropped from the title!).
We started with the Starbucks cups and the symbolism of Christmas and moved on to the Gospels ….

The Christmas story in a nutshell:

Unwed virgin is told she will bear a child by the power of the Holy Spirit
Newly pregnant teenager avoids stoning by Angelic intervention with fiancé
Heavily pregnant girl walks long distance to find nowhere to sleep in her husband’s ancestral home-town
Baby born amidst the noise and smell of a stable
Jesus’ birth announced by warrior angels and welcomed by frightened shepherds
Shepherds return to their fields via the town – announcing the miraculous birth
Temple visit where prophets rejoice
Visit of Magi with incredible gifts followed by escape to Egypt
Innocents killed; Rachael weeps
Refugees finally go home many years later.

Jesus was one of us, He was born in poverty away from His parents home.
He was welcomed by the unimportant but rejected by the powerful.
He became a refugee. Fleeing for his life.
Finally He was taken to the home that His parents had left long before he was born.

Truly God and Truly Man.

Mary did you know?


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