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Like slow motion or a freeze frame I see myself with all this “stuff” in the air above my head as I frantically try to keep everything going. …and then I remember I can’t juggle…..

And it all comes crashing down around me. …

All that “stuff”.

Home, family, minor health issues and the main source of limitless stuff – work.
Assignments that need to be written, lessons that need to be planned, marking to be done, yet another meeting to attend, admin tasks…..
And another email pops into my inbox needing an immediate response.
And then there is the course that includes people from industry …we have to keep them sweet, even if it means cloning and becoming a contortionist. ..
It truly is endless.

What happens when I let it all drop?
Nothing really. Life goes on.
The stuff is still there.
The not yet started
the unfinished
the shoved to one side jobs are all still there.

No crisis results.

In the moment that I accept that I can’t actually keep juggling and give all the stuff over to God, my burden vanishes.
The stuff is still there, but now I can perhaps deal with it. Picking out the things that really do matter.
It really is more important to visit my Dad than to mark that work. It is more important to open my Bible than to open my email.

Jesus did not say “come to me and I will remove all your responsibilities, and leave you with nothing to carry”. No, he said His burden is light.

We are all called to carry our crosses, we are all called to work for the Kingdom, whatever our jobs may be.
Jesus did not promise life free of responsibility or work, He did promise to help us to carry the burdens.

Once again as has happened so many times before. My circumstances are unchanged but my attitude is completely changed. When I work in His strength and accept my circumstances, I can “do all things”.

When I am overwhelmed I have to remember that His hands are big enough. Unspoken- In Your Hands (Acoustic Performance):


Author: triciafrasman

Updated April 2017! When I started this blog I was very much a "young" Christian and still very much finding my way. This year I celebrate my 10th rebirth day in June and so must think of myself as at least an adolescent Christian, but this blog is still about my meandering walk with God. I became a Mother at 41 - and that colours much of how I live my life. When asked at about 4 what Mummy's most important job was, my daughter did not hesitate to say" Looking after me". I will drop anything that I am doing if my family needs me. My family come first and I think of myself as Mother, Wife, daughter, sister, teacher - in that order. I am currently having a “Gap year” – I left my teaching job with my Husband’s blessing and very much in answer to God’s prompting in August 2016. I am now looking and waiting for God to reveal His plan for my life.

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