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The Gate Of The Year: A Present for My Mother

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We watched The King’s Speech last night and a little research lead me to various articles about George VI’s much better remembered speech on Christmas day 1939. Here are some lovely thoughts on that, do read the full poem by Minnie Haskins.

Kate Shrewsday

Dark days, they were, at the outset of a world war.

What words can a King offer his country on Christmas Day, when evil is already threatening its very existence?

King George VI spoke slowly and with great conviction on Christmas Day 1939. And in a little Sussex village –  Crowborough, to be precise – a family had gathered around the radio to listen to that speech.

In the darkest times we can do little but share our common humanity and reach out to touch – whom? What? That vast network of humans like us, in our predicament? Or that spirit which underpins who we are?

That day, the King chose words which stirred hearts. They helped my countrymen gird their loins and prepare for something which was indeed, for many, a fight to the death; but which ended in exhausted, impoverished triumph five long years later.

The words were…

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