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‘The Armour of God’/ spiritual warfare… Ephesians 6

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When we started #Rom2Rev there quite a few of us, as time went on the study group dwindled as reflected by Christine in this post. It has been a joy and honour to share the journey with others. I plan to continue my quest to read through to the end of the NT, not just reading but also studying (I have read all the books several times, but not really taken time to understand the text and context). I pray that the Spirit will enlighten me. I will still Tweet as well on occasion ;-).
Thanks to Christine for these thoughts.


This passage is in the final chapter of St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians but it is the first passage I think of when I think of Ephesians, and especially at this time when the deep fault-lines in relationships both at home and abroad are resulting in conflicts – with especially harrowing consequences in the Middle East.

I have written about this in detail in my prayer journal but will just comment relatively briefly on it here.

I often pray into this passage as an intercessionary prayer and I believe prayer is a very powerful ‘weapon’. The ‘weapons’ St.Paul describes here are all defensive weapons, not offensive, and they are all God-given gifts – such as salvation, righteousness, faith. The gift of intercession is also God-given.

When I read the scriptures I often find myself meditating and praying. Sometimes I read commentaries. Sometimes I ask how Christian friends have responded…

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