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I initially hesitated when an idea was posted on Twitter to do a Bible study which covered the Gospels of Luke, John and the book of Acts (#luke2acts), as I had never done a Twitter Bible study before, and had just finished reading Luke-Acts. I am so glad that I decided to join in for many reasons. Reinforcement of the daily discipline of scripture reading was only one of the benefits. There was no pressure and people felt able to dip in and out as they were able. There were enough of us involved that if any slipped behind we knew that someone else would have commented. As happens in the twittersphere, new contacts were made and older ones renewed.

I enjoyed it immensely. I had previously completed book-based and online Bible studies alone, but the daily interaction and encouragement really supported my own studies and I learned a lot. Hungry for more when we finished, I suggested that we carry on! Romans to Revelation suggested itself and so #Rom2Rev was born.

I have read Romans before, twice all the way through as part of “Bible in a Year” studies (which took about 3 years and 15 months, respectively), and various chapters and passages at other times. In my previous reading I had tended to “leave to one side” the parts that are troubling. As many of us do – and not just with Romans.

I feel a real kinship with those who are participating in #Rom2Rev.  We have collectively struggled with the difficult scriptures, not necessarily finding answers but the act of delving deeper is rewarding in itself.  There are fewer of us participating in this study and along with the complexities of the material we are all having difficulties in to keeping up.

At no time have I considered myself to be the leader – just the impetuous one who thought it would be fun to carry on and so put together a timetable for the study. It has been suggested that we  take 2 days per chapter, I think that would be useful for the rest of Romans, and we may need a week or so to collect our thoughts before continuing! The other letters, hopefully, will not be so taxing so maybe we could have 2 days for the longer chapters, but stick with a day for the shorter ones. We may need much more time for Revelation!

The thought does occur and should be spoken – do we want to continue after Romans? It is a time commitment, and Twitter is certainly not the best vehicle for deep discussion, however for myself the act of trying to sum up ideas succinctly helps my understanding. I do think that none of us should feel obliged at any time to comment on every verse or even every chapter, it is enough to know that others are reading along and struggling/learning/rejoicing with us.  If time only allows the highlighting of one verse,  or even the acknowledgement of having read that day’s chapter, I think that’s enough. 

We can never aspire to truly grasp the whole meaning of these writings on this side of eternity; at present “we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12 )

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Romans to Revelation (#Rom2Rev) – a Twitter Bible Study

I have recently completed reading Luke, John and Acts (#Luke2Acts) along with some friends on Twitter. I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be great to continue.

So here is my proposed timetable for reading the rest of the NT – Romans to Revelation. I have factored in catch up days – I was originally going to keep to 6 days of reading and one catch up day but then thought that it would be useful to have 2 catch up days after the longer books and that for continuity sometime we may need to read for more or fewer that 6 days in a row.

I would be grateful for any feedback/thoughts/alterations on the timetable.

It should be a “work-in-progress” that we can adjust as we go along – just so long as people know where we are up to.

If you read #Luke2Acts you will know just how enriching and encouraging it can be to share a bible study online. Please don’t feel that you have to commit to reading a chapter every day; if just want to “dip in “ occasionally, read along without commenting or follow the tweets that is absolutely fine!

p.s. I can’t seem to get this whole timetable to show up in the post – keep losing the last column 😦

Any suggestions?

Update 14th July – here’s the timetable as a PDF Rom2Rev!!

14-Jul Rom 1 01-Aug Catch up 01-Sep 2 Cor 9 01-Oct Catch up 01-Nov Jms 3 01-Dec Rev 9
15-Jul Rom 2 02-Aug Catch up 02-Sep 2 Cor 10 02-Oct 1 Thes 1 & 2 02-Nov Jms 4 02-Dec Rev 10
16-Jul Rom 3 03-Aug 1 Cor 1 03-Sep 2 Cor 11 03-Oct 1 Thes 3 & 4 03-Nov Jms 5 03-Dec Rev 11
17-Jul Rom 4 04-Aug 1 Cor 2 04-Sep 2 Cor 12 04-Oct 1 Thes 5 04-Nov Catch up 04-Dec Rev 12
18-Jul Rom 5 05-Aug 1 Cor 3 05-Sep 2 Cor 13 05-Oct 2 Thes 1 05-Nov 1 Pt 1 05-Dec Catch up
19-Jul Rom 6 06-Aug 1 Cor 4 06-Sep Catch up 06-Oct 2 Thes 2 & 3 06-Nov 1 Pt 2 06-Dec Rev 13
20-Jul Catch up 07-Aug 1 Cor  5 07-Sep Catch up 07-Oct Catch up 07-Nov 1 Pt 3 07-Dec Rev 14
21-Jul Rom 7 08-Aug 1 Cor 6 08-Sep Gal 1 08-Oct 1 Tim 1 & 2 08-Nov 1 Pt 4&5 08-Dec Rev 15
22-Jul Rom 8 09-Aug Catch up 09-Sep Gal 2 09-Oct 1 Tim 3 & 4 09-Nov 2 Pt 1 09-Dec Rev 16
23-Jul Rom 9 10-Aug 1 Cor 7 10-Sep Gal 3 10-Oct 1 Tim 5 10-Nov 2 Pt 2 10-Dec Rev 17
24-Jul Rom 10 11-Aug 1 Cor 8 11-Sep Gal 4 11-Oct 1 Tim 6 11-Nov 2 Pt 3 11-Dec Rev 18
25-Jul Rom 11 12-Aug 1 Cor 9 12-Sep Gal 5 12-Oct 2 Tim 1 12-Nov Catch up 12-Dec Rev 19
26-Jul Rom 12 13-Aug 1 Cor 10 13-Sep Gal 6 13-Oct 2 Tim 3 & 4 13-Nov 1 Jn 1 & 2 13-Dec Rev 20
27-Jul Catch up 14-Aug 1 Cor 11 14-Sep Catch up 14-Oct Catch up 14-Nov 1 Jn 3 14-Dec Rev 21
28-Jul Rom 13 15-Aug 1 Cor 12 15-Sep Eph 1 15-Oct Titus 1-3 15-Nov 1 Jn 4 15-Dec Rev 22
29-Jul Rom 14 16-Aug Catch up 16-Sep Eph 2 16-Oct Philemon 16-Nov 1 Jn 5
30-Jul Rom 15 17-Aug 1 Cor 13 17-Sep Eph 3 17-Oct Heb 1 & 2 17-Nov 2 Jn
31-Jul Rom 16 18-Aug 1 Cor 14 18-Sep Eph 4 18-Oct Heb 3 & 4 18-Nov 3 Jn
19-Aug 1 Cor 15 19-Sep Eph 5 19-Oct Heb 5 19-Nov Jude
20-Aug 1 Cor 16 20-Sep Eph 6 20-Oct Heb 6 20-Nov Catch up
21-Aug Catch up 21-Sep Catch up 21-Oct Catch up 21-Nov Catch up
22-Aug Catch up 22-Sep Phil 1 22-Oct Heb 7 22-Nov Rev 1
23-Aug 2 Cor 1 23-Sep Phil 2 23-Oct Heb 8 & 9 23-Nov Rev 2
24-Aug 2 Cor 2 24-Sep Phil 3 24-Oct Heb 10 24-Nov Rev 3
25-Aug 2 Cor 3 25-Sep Phil 4 25-Oct Heb 11 25-Nov Rev 4
26-Aug 2 Cor 4 26-Sep Col 1 26-Oct Heb 12 26-Nov Rev 5
27-Aug 2 Cor 5 27-Sep Col 2 27-Oct Heb 13 27-Nov Rev 6
28-Aug 2 Cor 6 28-Sep Col 3 28-Oct Catch up 28-Nov Catch up
29-Aug Catch up 29-Sep Col 4 29-Oct Catch up 29-Nov Rev 7
30-Aug 2 Cor 7 30-Sep Catch up 30-Oct Jms 1 30-Nov Rev 8
31-Aug 2 Cor 8 31-Oct Jms 2