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I just had a look at a draft I started last summer….

“Had a joy-filled week

Wed – kids F.E.

Fri- H.E.

Joy – gift of God



Looking at that collection of thoughts I’m trying to remember the sequence of events and recall the joy!  At this time of year it is so easy to lose the joy in the doldrums of January.  In the summer when I wrote the draft above I was at the end of the college year – it was manic in work – too much to do and no time to do it. I had committed to attending the Further Education and Higher Education Award ceremonies for the college and really did not feel that I could spare the time.  I was so glad that I had gone. It was joy to see the young people receiving their awards – and to celebrate their success knowing that I had helped a few of them along the way.  I even conferred a degree on a young woman who I had known and prayed for, for 5 years, I was so proud of her achievement – gained in spite of many problems. I remember writing on FB that it was times like these that made being a teacher worth while and put all the late night marking sessions into perspective…..

Here I am at the beginning of a new term, back to marking work late into the night and wondering is it all worth it? I look at the notes above and think  “Yes it is!”

So many times I have wondered if I am in the right place – am I where God wants me to be? I have come to love the young people I teach – they challenge me, frustrate me, make me laugh and sometimes bring me joy!  Each year a new set of young people; each year a new set of problems. By the end of each year my tutor group have become like adopted children to me. Each year I want to “fix” them, to help them to sort out their lives. When they leave I am sad and pray that they will succeed in life.

When work gets frustrating and stressful I have to remember the joy, and hope that the prayers that I sometimes lift (not often enough) will be answered. I pray that these children of mine will grow up to be mature men and women who not only contribute to society, but who will one day seek the God who sent them to me, and know the joy of being His adopted sons and daughters.


Author: triciafrasman

Updated April 2017! When I started this blog I was very much a "young" Christian and still very much finding my way. This year I celebrate my 10th rebirth day in June and so must think of myself as at least an adolescent Christian, but this blog is still about my meandering walk with God. I became a Mother at 41 - and that colours much of how I live my life. When asked at about 4 what Mummy's most important job was, my daughter did not hesitate to say" Looking after me". I will drop anything that I am doing if my family needs me. My family come first and I think of myself as Mother, Wife, daughter, sister, teacher - in that order. I am currently having a “Gap year” – I left my teaching job with my Husband’s blessing and very much in answer to God’s prompting in August 2016. I am now looking and waiting for God to reveal His plan for my life.

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