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My first Blog..or learning to trust God

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Note added December 29th 2014:
At the Samaritan’ Purse Conference in Swindon in 2012 we were challenged to embrace social media. One of the suggestions was to start blogging. This was my first attempt……….

We left the conference on a high – it was a really great weekend of fellowship, learning and worship. My daughter and I loaded up the car and set off with Sat Nav in control, cranked up the worship music, and remembered that it is not really a good idea to lift both hands in praise whilst driving.

I don’t know the area around Swindon at all and so was completely reliant on the Sat Nav. I missed a turn and Sat Nav just redirected me to get to my destination. I was driving “blind”, really not knowing what was coming up next but I relied on Sat Nav to get me to the motorway. The wrong turn took us through a really pretty town – we would have missed it if we had gone the “right” way. It was really unnerving following the directions “blindly”, I really have no sense of direction and therefore had no mental map of where we where and what may be around the next bend. But I had Sat Nav and was sure I could rely on the nice lady to get us home.

We trust our various electronic “toys” to get us to where we want to be, to allow us to keep in contact, to give us constant updates of what our friends are doing, what the news is. We text, Tweet, check Facebook, Google anything that we don’t know the answer to and rely on Sat Navs to get us there and back again. But these pieces of equipment are just tools – they are only as good as the users. If I put the wrong post code in – the Sat Nav will not get me to my destination. We rely on these pieces of equipment and get really upset and/or angry when they go wrong.

We have a heavenly Father who is better than any Sat Nav, GPS, smart phone or anything else that we can ever invent for getting us to where we want to go. He knows where we need to be and how we should get there and He is never wrong. When we take the wrong turn, He always tells us how to get back onto the right path, He is never cross, He never shouts, He is always right. It felt unsettling to be directed by the Sat Nav without a mental image of what was coming up. It occurred to me on that journey home that maybe the reason we find it so difficult to simply trust God is the same reason that I was unnerved by following Sat Nav in unknown territory. I like to know what is around the corner; I like to be able to plan for all possibilities and to be “in control”. The latter idea is pretty funny as anyone who know me will tell you that I my life is chaotic and I am very rarely in control!

Why is it easier to trust in a Sat Nav – which I know can go wrong – than in the Creator of the Universe who has promised that that if I submit to Him in everything that I do, He will shepherd me?

I want to Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding, knowing that He will make my paths straight if I acknowledge Him in everything that I do (Proverbs 3:5-6). I want to rely on His word being a light to my feet (Psalm 119:105). I want to be content to let Him lead me, knowing that I will be safe and that if I take a wrong turn, He will always guide me back and that He might use my mistake to show me something that will help me to grow or just give me pleasure.


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